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Greater Church of Lucifer


The GCoL is a non-dogmatic community of Luciferians with a mission to provide information about Left Hand Path philosophy to those who feel called to persue this lifestyle or are simply curious. It serves as a public outreach and a religious community with all the rights granted by Freedom of Religion.



Below are a list of websites that you may find useful.​ Inclusion in this list does not automatically imply any formal relationship between the Ordo Luciferi and any group or ideology that may be found therin. These are simply provided for your consideration.

Ziggurat of Enki


The Ziggurat of Enki is a Left Hand Path Esoteric Order of the New Luciferian Era.  The underlying mythos is Babylonian with supplementary wisdom taken from the Black Arts of Alchemy. The Inner Work of the Ordo Luciferi can be approached through work with this organization.


Website still under construction. In the meantime, this URL redirects to the YouTube channel of ZoE founder Jeremy Crow:

Herald of the Dawn


The HoD is a unique Luciferian Order focused on developing Mercurius Consciousness through spiritual alchemy leading to discourse with the personal Dæmon and eventual Spiritual Liberation and Self-deification.


Etu Malku, founder of the HoD, is a Magus III° in the Ordo Luciferi. The Inner Work of the O.L. can also be approached through work with this organization.

Luciferian Research Society


The LRS exists in order to provide an atmosphere of co-operation among Left Hand Path occultists and to encourage the application of Luciferian principles toward accomplishing real world projects.


The LRS is not an Order and is not hierarchical. It is the preeminent Forum for Luciferians online and hosts a yearly International Left Hand Path Conference to foster real world connections between all branches of the Left Hand Path.

The Luciferian Order

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