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Degree Structure


Incipio I° - The Latin word Incipio means “I Begin.” This is the entry level into the Ordo Luciferi. It is the gateway to he Temple. It encompasses the work of the Body, its Senses and Self-control. Without the capacity to control the self one will not have the power to progress proficiently in the Great Work ahead. Incipio is the stage where the initiate will study the concepts and teachings of others that have walked the path before them while exploring a personal understanding of what it means to be a Luciferian. Mentorship at this point will be informal and enacted collectively through the appropriate venues. Membership in this grade is open to any who have enough Desire, Determination and Strength of Will to obtain a copy of the official Self-Initiation Rite [See below for the Self-Initiation Rite] and to perform it sincerely. Initiates are encouraged to write articles on their experience with the Rite and on their interpretation of the various symbols encountered in the Rite and to share these articles.


Adeptus II° - The Adepti are those individuals who have a sense of what their ultimate goals are and how to go about obtaining the skills and opportunities to get them there. They are actively working on achieving these goals. The Adeptus degree represents the second level of Self-Knowledge. Dealing with the Emotional Being through the implements of the Body and Mind, one works with various energies embodied in the self. Such capacity ensures the ability to Manifest, using the energy of emotions without being overwhelmed or obsessed by them. The Magi and above will take a more personal role in the mentorship of the Adepti.


Magus III° - The Magus is someone who has displayed a clear understanding of their own path and has achieved a high level of self-determination in their life. The third degree work is at the level of Self-Mastery and familiarity with the mechanisms of the Mind. With the previous levels accomplished the Magus works to further manifest their Will and reach ever higher states of internal harmony and coherence. Further development is partially obtained through providing guidance to other members. Mentorship from higher level members is to be considered a luxury for the Magi as they are expected to be fully capable of directing their own path from this point onwards.


Primus IV° - The fourth level is the degree of the Mind and the Soul. It is marked by the proficient capacity of Self-Manifestation. Members of the Primus grade are self-aware, conscious entities actively engaging and affecting the world and reaching beyond the world of the senses into higher spectrums of being. In practice, this degree is awarded in recognition of a Magus who has produced a body of artefacts that will help perpetuate the Luciferian philosophy in some manner into the future. Ideally, these artefacts will continue to exist and influence other individuals even beyond the physical death of the Magus who created them.


Animus V° - The fifth level is the degree of Self-Sovereignty. It represents the level of a Primus who, in addition to the aforementioned artefacts, has created and is teaching a unique and effective system of occultism. These new systems will usually exist within the OL at their inception but may develop into completely independent schools.


Illuminatus VI° - “The realm of the Conscious Light of Self-Attainment made manifest by an Illuminated Being.” This represents the stage of Apotheosis for those on the Left Hand Path and complete Unity with the Cosmos for those on the Right Hand Path. Each individual will have their own conception of what this stage means to them. An Illuminatus will be accomplished in all of the previous grades and have overcome the major dualisms of their own existence. It will not be a degree used to describe anyone younger than say 100 years old, except in some cases where the individual has already passed away. This particular policy was created with the intention to keep the individual reaching ever forward and to inspire members to value a long and healthy physical existence.

The Luciferian Order

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