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The Ordo Luciferi is a Gnostic Luciferian based Esoteric Order that operates in an Open Source and Self-Initiatory format. It guides initiates through the milestones towards developing leadership skills, establishing a legacy and ultimately Apotheosis.


The Order was founded circa 2005 by Lucian Black. In the early days the O.L. existed primarily as an email discussion group supported by an informational website and a declaration of Luciferian philosophy called "The Luciferian Manifest" reflecting the personal beliefs of the founder.


Under the current leadership of Jeremy Crow, the O.L. presents a system of occult development containing six official organizational levels or "degrees." The original graded structure is an occult interpretation of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The initiate is advised to build a foundation at the more basic levels of survival and well being before expanding their knowledge into more esoteric branches of the occult arts.


The degree requirements have evolved to highlight the various real world accomplishments associated with each grade. This allows anyone to judge for themselves to what degree they feel they currently belong. Initiation into the first degree is achieved through the sincere performance of the Self-Initiation Rite. Although not strictly necessary, formal recognition in the subsequent degrees can be obtained through interaction with existing Magi III° or above.

The Luciferian Order

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