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Luciferian Manifest

by Lucian Black


The original five page declaration of Luciferian principles as they were understood by the founder. This was published online in 2005. This document inspired many to join the O.L. including the current Grand Councilor, Jeremy Crow.


This is not intended to be taken as dogmatic or scriptural. Members are certainly allowed to disagree with any of the points made within the Manifest.

Mission Statement

by Lucian Black


Another of the original documents from 2005 written by the founder. This one is a single page with two paragraphs. It does not necessarily reflect the current mission of the Order.

Seal of Light

by Lucian Black


This is a knowledge lecture written in 2006 regarding the meaning of the Ordo Luciferi "Seal of Light". This is the eye in the hexagram symbol that serves as the primary symbol of the Order. 

Document Archive


Here you will find several official Ordo Luciferi documents. Many of them are presented unchanged and may contain information that is not entirely representative of how the Order currently operates. Where more than one version of a document exists, the most accurate version will be used. Older versions of the same document may also be linked for those curious about the evolution of concepts within the organization.


To download, click the PDF icon to the right of the title of the document you are interested in.


Keep checking this page regularly as there are several documents that are still in the process of being added.

Introduction to the Ordo Luciferi

by Lucian Black



This is another of the original documents from 2005. This contains the initial short descriptions of the grade progression and organizational structure. All of this information has been revised, expanded and updated. For a more current description of the degrees, visit the INITIATION page.

The Luciferian Order

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